Do your children show a love or talent for music? Are you wondering how to help them make the most of their God-given ability? NOW is the best time to help them transform that desire into reality. And the best news? Pixie Pianist will show you how you can begin right now. This magical book, created by Else M. Perdicaris, will teach you how to open exciting new adventures of creatively and learning that will enable your children to play piano and enjoy music for a lifetime.

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Why Teach Your Child Music?

Because learning music isn’t just fun or punishment (as some may have felt when they were made to take music lessons as a child!). Instead, music can positively affect your child’s life in many profound and delightful ways. Science proves that studying music boosts your child’s mental development, encourages their emotional well-being, and gives them the gift of enjoying the creative process with other people.

Why Piano? 

Because most musicians agree that studying piano is the best possible foundation for any kind of music study. When your child understands the piano keyboard, they learn the fundamentals of how music works. They can then take these basics and build on them wherever their musical ambition carries them.

Why Pixie Pianist? 

Because Pixie Pianist focuses on the student: on the talent that lies within your child. And Pixie Pianist will teach you how to draw out that talent and develop it, whether or not you have musical training yourself! Also, Pixie Pianist is adaptable to a child of ANY age. Starting even in infancy, children can understand the basics in this book — basics like listening, rhythm, and dynamics — and you can adapt these basics to your child’s age and development.

Inside the book you and your child will find lessons on:










Note Values



Note Reading




CLICK the button below to BUY the paperback book NOW for only $15.99 including: Pixie Pianist Book, FREE Pixie Pianist Pack, FREE Shipping, Tax Included:

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Want to see live lessons applying the methods from the book?

Here you have Else teaching two students how to play piano in a fun and exciting way!


Pixie Pianist

Ready to show your child all the benefits and pleasure from music and playing the piano? Congratulations!


CLICK the button below to BUY the paperback book NOW for only $15.99 including: Pixie Pianist Book, FREE Pixie Pianist Pack, FREE Shipping, Tax Included:

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About the author

Else M. Perdicaris, the author of Pixie Pianist, studied music and Christian education at the Moody Bible Institute, and earned her Bachelor of Music (BM) and Master of Music (MM) from the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. She has been an acclaimed teacher in public school and private music training for decades, and is active in church choirs and organ/piano performance. She has taught students of all ages, and now presents the techniques that she found most effective in Pixie Pianist.

Questions Often Asked

My child is 2 years old. Is it too early to think of her musical training?

No, it is not at all too early. Medical science acknowledges the fact that babies hear and react to music even before they are born. We have all watched even infants respond well to good music such as lullabies. Start with her now and let her enjoy it.

Neither my husband nor I have great musical talent or training. What is the possibility of making this work with our children?

You are fine just as you are. Pixie Pianist is written in a fun and conversational style that is easy to understand and use. You can all enjoy this valuable training.

Is my child too old for Pixie Pianist?

Pixie Pianist teaches the fundamentals of music — such as dynamics, melody, rhythm — and these are vital basics that children of any age can grasp and enjoy. You can easily adapt these principles to your child, regardless of their age or ability.

My child likes to sing and wants to play the guitar. How is Pixie Pianist going help her?

The better she understands and knows music generally, the easier everything else becomes. Many people believe that piano is the best basis for all other musical activities.

We do not have a piano. What can we do?

The electric keyboards are fine; in fact, often the keys are smaller in size and are easier for young children to play. Just be sure to get one that can sound at least 4 notes at a time so that chords can be played.

Have any questions?

Not sure if this book is for you or your child? No worries! Feel free to send us a message with any questions, and we’ll be happy to respond.